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Unique-peptide , is a high tech biotechnology company , As part of our aggressive growth strategy, Unique-peptide  highly welcomes motivated and talent individuals to join us. We are committed to create a platform for young professionals to reach greater heights in their future careers.
Please send your resume to email . We will check and arrange the interview regularly.
Welcome to join in !
 Marketing representative
Job Description :
1.using the Internet and telephone platforms maintain existing customers, develop new customers, the sales volume of the task 
2.using the Internet and telephone platforms for sales and marketing of the company's products 
3.customer quotes and production schedule follow-up, shipping and payment collection etc. 
4.peers understand and collect dynamic information and competitive products, and timely reporting 
5.customer file management
Requirement : degree, biology, chemistry, medicine, international economic and trade professionals
2.Have Sales experience, quick thinking, strong compression, with strong communication skills and negotiation skills ,strong adaptability 
3.outstanding graduates also. Treatment: basic salary + commission + Insurance + free accommodation + meals supplement (provided free accommodation in this post)
Location : Shenzhen ,China
Number Openings :20
Laboratory assistant
Requirement :
1、college, undergraduate chemistry or biology, pharmacy related professionals; 
2、should have synthesis, purification laboratory work experience; 
3、 ardworking, motivated, hard working, team spirit persons; 

Location :Shenzhen , China
Number Openings : 25
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