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   Unique-peptide , is loaceted in Shenzhen , China , which is a high-tech company in the peptide synthesis industry. We established research center and production base,equipped with leading synthetic instruments in the same industry, at the same time we have an team with experienced,highly educated, biochemical research and development.

Unique-peptide provide worldwide customers with high quality, low cost, high-tech kinds of peptide products, the company's products have been successfully sold to Europe, North America , Asia and Oceania , including pharmaceutical companies , biotechnology companies , universities and other research institutions. Unique-peptide offer high-quality custom peptides synthesis service with a wide variety of purity levels, scales and modifications to best fit customers’ research needs. Our process includes both automatic and manual peptide synthesizers, purification and analytical HPLC systems, and state of the art technology.

In order to ensure product quality, Unique-peptide ,is equipped with first-class precision instruments in peptide synthesis, purification, freeze-drying, quality inspection and analysis .

We have introduced LC-MS LC-MS, ultra high pressure liquid chromatography, ultraviolet spectrophotometer and other special equipment from the United States, Japan and other countries. Also we imported raw materials from abroad, amino acids, peptides batches to ensure the stability of quality , each peptide synthesis and purification methods , inspection reports , test reports as well as mass storage methods have detailed records , the company adhering to the customer first principles , and all customer -oriented, full compliance with company contract agreement , subject to confidentiality agreements , the quality of the task to complete customer orders .
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